Social Security Disability


There are two types of social security benefits for which disabled individuals may apply for benefits.  Eligibility for social security benefits require documentation of a severe medical condition or conditions, among other requirements.  Read below for more information on the general requirements for each type of social security benefits.

Filing Procedure

Whether an adult applicant is filing for SSDI, SSI, or both SSDI and SSI benefits, the application process is the same.  An applicant can start the application process by either filing online or making an appointment to see a worker at the local Social Security field office.  The first process in the application is the administrative process.  This process may include a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  If the applicant is unsuccessful at the Administrative Law Judge level, the next step is to appeal to the Appeals Council.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Under Title II, an adult who has a medical condition or condition(s) that is severe enough to prevent the person from engaging in substantial gainful employment may be eligible for SSDI benefits.  The adult’s eligibility for SSDI benefits is dependent on his or her qualifying quarters, which is based on the adult’s work history and earnings.  The amount of SSDI benefit amount is based on the adult’s historical earnings and is calculated by the Social Security Administration.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Under Title XVI, any adult or child who has a severe medical impairment may be eligible for SSI benefits.  The eligibility for this benefit is based solely on medical assessments and is not dependent on the person’s work history and earnings.  The benefit amount for SSI recipient may be less than the benefit amount for SSDI recipients.

If you have questions regarding your application for social security benefits, contact Attorney Kashoua Yang to schedule a consultation.


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